NeuraLab Ai introduces the $NEUR token as the native digital currency powering our ecosystem. Designed to facilitate seamless transactions and governance within the platform, $NEUR plays a vital role in driving innovation, supporting development efforts, and fostering community engagement.

What is $NEUR?

$NEUR is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain, adhering to the ERC-20 standard. With a total supply capped at 100 million tokens, $NEUR serves as the primary medium of exchange for accessing NeuraLab Ai's products and services, participating in governance activities, and contributing to the platform's growth and development.

How it's Used

  1. Subscription Payments: Users can use $NEUR tokens to pay for subscriptions to NeuraLab Ai's services, including API calls, GPU rentals, and access to premium features.

  2. API Calls and GPU Rentals: $NEUR tokens are used to facilitate transactions for API calls and GPU rentals, enabling users to access computational resources and execute tasks efficiently.

  3. DAO Voting: $NEUR token holders have the opportunity to participate in decentralized governance through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting. By staking $NEUR tokens, users can vote on proposals, initiatives, and governance decisions, shaping the future direction of the platform.

  4. Transaction Tax Allocation:

    • 2% for Further Development: A portion of the transaction tax (2%) is allocated towards funding further development efforts, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation within the NeuraLab Ai ecosystem.

    • 3% for Marketing: Another portion of the transaction tax (3%) is allocated towards marketing initiatives aimed at raising awareness, expanding our user base, and driving adoption of NeuraLab Ai's products and services.

  5. Trading on Exchanges: $NEUR tokens can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade tokens to access liquidity and participate in the broader cryptocurrency market.

By leveraging the $NEUR token, NeuraLab Ai aims to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem where users can seamlessly access AI technologies, contribute to platform development, and participate in governance activities, driving innovation and growth within the AI community.

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